Small shops need to develop a free business website

After the pandemic blast style of doing business is changing, probably your customers are afraid to move out and visit your shop and you don't want to lose the customers and wanted to increase your business too. 

The best way is to make your business online & through home delivery & supplies you can prevent the crowd at your store with the added advantage of reducing the number of staff. 

I understand during this crucial time you don't want to invest or do expenses for making an online store.

Here I'm going to tell you different ways to make your business website step by step without any investment or knowledge of website developer.

1 Google my Business

Google business is helping customers in their searches to get exact answers to what the viewer is searching for. 

Hence they provide a free platform to small businessman & shopowner to show their presence online.

To make you're a free business website

1 Sign up to Google.

2 Sign up to Google My Business

3 Type your business name. 

If you are starting a new business give a catchy name that is easy to remember related to your type of business. 

For example, 

you want to start a florist business name it Buckey Corner or something like that. 

This name is your sub-domain it will look like hosted by Google. 

you can also purchase a domain from Google. 

4 Choose the category

Select a category of your business for example grocery, barber, restaurant...

5 Add a location 

This location will be added on Google map and Google searches. 

Whenever a person searches barber Google help him by showing nearby barbershops. 

If you don't want customers to visit your location you can deny adding a location although I suggest adding the location which makes you a verified, certified & serious businessman.

6  Select the city or country where you want to provide your services.

7 Select Region where your business is established.

8 Add your contact number.

a) Facilitate your customers by adding your phone/mobile number.

b) For the website choose the option to "get a free website based on your info".

9 Finish

With this button, your website will be listed on Google making your presence online. 

You will be able to manage your website on Google by

a) Promoting your business by posting & uploading photos.

b) Track by analytics to understand your customer's view & visits on your site

c) Respond to customers reviews.

10 Varify

Your business address by providing a complete address by which your customer can reach you by having an address, through Google map or by sending mail to you.

Now you will reach your business website dashboard where you have to manage your site.

1 Update Bussiness hours

2 Add a brief description of your business

3 Add logo to give identity and beautify your website
You can create a free logo on Canva.

4 Update your Website

a) Choose a theme for your website from the given free themes

b) Edit the information if any changes you want to do.

c) Add photos of your business unit, with your client/customers, the visual story of your business attract more customers.

d) Add offers with photographs you attract more customer

e) Create a post with an attractive image and a brief description of the post. 

Keep on posting regularly at least once a weak which will increase your ranking as compare to your business competitors.

f) Congrats!!! your Website is ready. 

You can share your website or any of your post on social media like Facebook, gain more publicity for your business. 

How to monetize your website on Google my business?

1 Selling your own Products Online from your website 

2 By advertising products of which you are affiliate through your post/offers.

3 You can also contact your local dealer to advertise his product or establishment on your website as a post on a contract basis. 

Read more 

2 WordPress

On the WordPress platform, you can make a free website, although the paid version is also available.

The following are the steps to make a free website on 

1 Sign up to WordPress

2 Start to create your site

3 Give your site an address

This may be the name of your shop/business, check availability, you will get a subdomain like 

If not available free subdomain search for a similar name or related name which is easy to remember and is been searched on the internet.

4 Pick a plan

WordPress will show you different paid plan to choose but you can choose a free plan.

5 Your site is been created

You will reach the dashboard where you can manage your site by

a) Editing home page

b) Adding more page on your site like the contact page, info about your business page

c) Customize your theme by changing the font style, colour, background colour, layout...

d) You can also change the theme by choosing from other given free themes.

How to monetize your website on WordPress?

1 On your free website, you can't monetize by any advertising network like Google Adsense but you can display advertising banners of the products of which you are an affiliate.

2 You can also sell direct your own products online from your website.

Read more


Facebook page also acts as your free website provided you use it properly. 

You can also monetize your Facebook page.

Know more on


Creating a free business website is easy, you can create on every platform which is free to create a website apart from the above three I have mentioned.

Link all with each other to increase your viewers online.

Post regularly to make an impact on your viewers/customers

I would also clear a few things before you start making a free business website

1 Regular effort is required to get more viewers and online sales since millions of websites are on the internet with thousands of your competitor's website.

2 A free website is free till the platform is in operation, remember Google+ is been closed, Google my business may close anytime then all your efforts will go in vain. 

Hence I suggest making your business website with paid Hosting Plan with Blue Host where you get a free domain along with 24/7 support for just $3.95/mo.


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