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Thanks to the internet that we are together finding out the solution to
our boredom
our ambition
our goal
our path


Fun is enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure, we enjoy when we do the activities of our interest.
It may be creating ( art, design,,—-)
It might be writing (content writing, creating a blog)
It might be sharing ( on social media, your views,—)
It might be in sports ( gaming ...)
But whatsoever our passion, it helps us to gain out of it, maybe it takes a little bit more time.


Although it’s difficult to set a target or a goal
listen to heart apply mind is the best solution for setting it up
Heart says the passion
Mind says to earn
better we should mix it up


If you are looking for guides, sorry to disappoint you because myself is fresher like you
UPDATE: I assure the correct, tested & genuine information as per the best of my knowledge because I'm personally doing work to gain.
First thing I would like to share the internet is a jungle everyone is trying to impress us with lots of future dreams of millions of dollars by investing a few dollars
better to avoid them
slow & steady wins the race is an old saying, probably it’s fact in online business.
then what to do?


Freelancing online jobs are the best opportunities for freshers as well as many experienced freelancers converted themselves to full-time freelancers.

The best websites to earn online doing our creativity are the following freelancing website:
If you are interested  & have a skill in photography, photo editing, graphic & designing, writing & translation, creating video & animation, digital marketing, music & audio, web or app developer, SEO specialist &  for many more skilled or unskilled workers Freelancing websites are the best sites to earn online through your passion.

Signup in all the freelancing website, make your effective profile to let the viewers know about the job you can do or have done, please do add some testimonial like certificates of courses done by you which will support your claim to justify yourself for that specific job.

Remember someone wants to hire a good freelancer & ready to spend on the person who is competent to do his job effectively.

You can also browsers jobs posted by the advertisers & bid or offer your candidature.

The major problem with the above sites is a lot of competition hence getting a job is not that easy & you have compromise in low rates.

Here are few, not much-known sites with less competition to start your freelancing jobs

Start freelancing & Earn money

Truelancer is a freelancing site where a freelancer get job easily with less competition
image google search

This marketplace is perhaps the only platform which invests time in new freelancers in teaching them how the work is to be done. Other marketplaces will not accept you so willingly as a new freelancer. But here, they also take care of the quality of the work done. They would pay good but when it comes to quality they wouldn’t compromise. They are strict about deadlines. This startup has really got some great freelancers.
Worksome freelancing site from UK approve freelancer only from UK, USA, Denmark hence less competition
image google search

Worksome is a new and reputable freelancing marketplace that only accepts a few select numbers of skilled freelancers. It also heavily promotes local freelancers in the UK. They approve freelancer only from UK, USA, Denmark, Norway or Lithuania. The platform only has a little over 6,000 freelancers at the moment.


Rev provide platform for transcript, caption, subtitle & translate services
image google search

Rev is a platform that provides transcription (converting audio spoken English to written document), caption, subtitles & translate services to podcasters and YouTubers. 

The platform accepts transcribers to the platform. If you’re good at listening to audio speech and converting them into text, this platform is a great starting point for getting into transcription services, you may not earn more due to low rates.

Freelance my way is a marketplace for freelancers with less competition
image google search

Freelance My Way is a quality platform that features a select number of freelancers handpicked by its team. The platform is also constantly updated with new jobs and it’s very beginner-friendly as well.


Zeerk provides micro jobs & freelancing services
Image Zeerk logo

Zeerk is a 5-year-old freelancing site, slowly growing with new freelancers every day. The site features a system that allows you to price your services from $3 to $200. You can register and start selling for free, but Zeerk will collect an 8% to 20% commission from each of your sale.
Twine is an open source tool for freelancer writers, designer ...
image google search

Twine is a fresh and a rising freelance platform with over 175,000 freelancers working in design, music, and film industries. 

The platform is best for creative professionals offering services such as graphic design, illustration, music, film, game design, etc. 

Twine is completely free to use and it doesn’t charge any kind of a fee from freelancers.
Cloudpeeps is a freelancing market place
image google search

CloudPeeps is a high-quality site that features a small community of established freelancers. Freelancers can join the site for free. However, the platform will take a 15% cut from each job you successfully deliver.
The freelancer club is the freelancing platform providing freelancing job opportunities
image google search

This UK based website offers two options for freelancers: A Free account with limited features or an £11.99 per month premium plan which allows users to bid on an unlimited number of projects, rank higher on the charts, access to business directories, and more.
Boonle hires US-based student for freelancing work
image google search

Boonle hires US-based students for freelancing work.

Boonle is another interesting site which works as a collaboration platform for creative-minded people. 

It’s a place for freelancers and creators to team up with authors to help them with their work. In return, they will leave you a generous award. Of course, the platform will take a 30% cut from that award as well.
Jobs outsource hires digital marketers
image google search

Jobs Outsource features work for both online and offline freelancers but mainly focus on digital marketers. 

The platform includes services for everything from copywriters to virtual assistants, gardeners, handymen, and more. 

The site has membership plans, starting from a Free plan with limited access and 10% platform fee and up to a $199 plan with full access and a 3% platform fee.
Work N Hire is a freelancing marketplace in India
image google search

Work N Hire is yet another freelancing site from India, which uses a credit system for applying for jobs. 

You get 20 free proposals every month. Adding an additional 5 credits will cost you 50 INR.
These are all new good website, you have experienced a few of them and then go forward. I always recommend Truelancer, Big, Better and Safe.
Hope it helps you.


Nowadays lots of new apps are launching & they require apps tester, you can offer your services & get paid for it. uTest provides a platform to you & apps owner.


You can earn by hosting a guest, just share your unique experience which guests might be eager to know & enjoy the same with you. Airbnb is the best site to register as a host.


Lots of PTC (paid to click) sites are paying for watching the advertisement. Actually the Business Owners, Website Owners, Online business pays to these sites to advertise which they share with you by giving you per click on an advertisement. 
Legit sites which really pays are

It’s king of PTC site

Join free, 12 to 14 adv. per day we have to see
we can also earn by doing small tasks & offers
Doing surveys also generate earning
Referral earning is again a good source
Know more in details
Join free, it’s a site with a difference, we have to accumulate BAP( bigger add points)
by daily  watching the adv. & offers
the recommendation is to visit the site at least once in twelve hours
get referral earning commission
PTC site we can earn by clicking adds & referring friends


Is one of the top PTC site
join free

Many more PTC sites to earn but the suggestion is not to join offering high value adds & more payout

SURVEY sites

The best survey site where I have earned my bread & butter  is
Again joining is free, we can earn by completing the survey means answering to the simple question, small tasks  & offers like watching the video.
we can earn 1-3 dollars per survey which don’t take much time, maximum half an hour per survey, daily we get 5-10 surveys
Know more in details in 

If you are interested in gifts card, it’s one of the top survey sites, with lots of option to earn like browsing 
join free

One of the top company paying up to 8 dollars per survey
you can invite friends  on email too
join free


It’s one of the best survey sites for Indian resident only, you can earn by doing surveys as well as by inviting friends  
You can withdraw money from Skrill, Perfect MoneyPayoneer, Paypal.
The lot more paths are on the way to discover
If you have any legit ways to get a few bucks in our wallet feel free to share with us
I will definitely share shortly new ideas, please keep in touch here
Yours’s truly

Please don’t hesitate to share your views, if you feel that it’s fruitful for other newcomers please share it on social media

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