Neobux Is a PTC site where you are paid to click


Friends lets know first what is PTC ( paid to click ), the sites which offer a small amount of money to view or browser some site are called PTC sites 

Question is why to join PTC sites for just 0.001$ per click & offering not more than 10-20 advertisement per day to watch & how can earn more from  NEOBUX

1  Patience is the first & compulsory requirement  to start earning from NEOBUX PTC site, if you want to earn & withdraw urgently this is not the right place, here you have to invest time( just 5-30 minutes per day) & earned money to get desired results

2  Regularity is another part which you have to do, you have to sign in on almost fixed time in 24 hours otherwise, you will not be able to get the credit of your referral. ( direct & rented)

3  Although in Neobux minimum payout is just $2 I will advise not to withdraw, NEOBUX is a trusted PTC site & you can withdraw any day through SKRILL, after earning $3 transfer main balance to rental balance & start renting 3 referrals & put them on autopay, keep on adding rental referrals after earning till 500 referrals 

4- Use the recycle tool  to change inactive referral for 3-4 days & below 2-4 average clicks otherwise you will be losing your earned money 

5  Analyze regularly from Statistics on the sidebar

6  The survey is also one of the earning sources  on NEOBUX, you can do multiple times a day on five Routers( survey sites) plus recently they have added few more Router on which you can do one time a day 
you can earn 2-5$ per day by doing surveys.

7  Playing games can also make you earn another few cents in your wallet 

8  Mini-jobs & offers are additional ways  of earning on NEOBUX

9  After increasing you're earning to 100$ take Golden Membership of 90$ which will Double Earning per day, you can add up to 2000 referrals& increase earning. 
Now it's time to cash out daily extra money via SKRILL, apart from maintaining your referrals fees & recycling amount  


You might have heard the story of thirsty crow after collecting pebbles the vessel was filled similarly we collect few cents to increase our earnings on PTC sites 


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